The virgins that men desire are spiritual

The virgins that men desire are spiritual

The man’s crazy desire to get the first night of the virgin is actually deep in his heart that he is only afraid of women to compare him, because only the virgins who have never seen the world will be easily fooled by him and stay forever.

  Although the hymen can be repaired and reconstructed, the redness of the early night can also make fake disguise. The important thing is that these women who want to start again can always be regarded as spiritual virgins. At least she has the intention to replace the past and realizes the feelings of men.Responsible; men really don’t need to break the casserole and ask to the end, they have to be unhappy with themselves.

If you encounter even you are a virgin, you do n’t even care about it. You do n’t even think it ‘s necessary to make a fake. You can do it yourself, love ca n’t come, and even boast of your past sexual history of painfully killing a man.It ‘s miserable.

  In fact, judging a virgin is not just about bleeding. In clinical sex, if she is experienced and calm, she is familiar with driving, and even actively guides a man to enter or has made a man abandon his armor in the foreplay. To say she is a pure virginI’m afraid it’s unbelievable.

  Although the self-esteem and self-excitation mentality of men is selfish and pitiful, human reproduction and genetics originally hope to have their own offspring and continue their superior breeds. From this point of view, it is understandable.

  Otherwise, you will encounter a lover of mass and lover, a popular female lover who will never refuse to come. Once she becomes the guest of the curtain, in a few weeks she said that she was pregnant with your child. Without a proof, she will really teach people to hit the wall, evenI just took her to have an abortion, and she would vomit to death when she came out.

  Physiologically, after a man is romantic, he always discharges sperm from his body and pats his ass away, leaving less burden and burden; women always have to endure the sperm worms that are left behind after the joy of men.In the body, it bears too many different types of foreign body antigens. Not only will it produce various types of antigen-antibody reactions in the blood. In case of fertilization, it will be even more troublesome.

From this point of view, women are of course keeping chastity and dedicating to loved ones is more hygienic; for men, pure virgins are indeed much simpler and cleaner.