Woman Blemish New Secret Recipe C + Honey

Woman Blemish New Secret Recipe C + Honey

However, as a reminder, vitamin C can only be taken for a short period of time, that is, one tablet per day, and you must stop taking it for up to one month.


hzh {display: none; }  新方法:蜂蜜敷脸淡去星星点点  一般来说,皮肤白的人容易长斑,肤白的人大多是中性或是偏干性的肤质,容易长斑和Long wrinkles.
Species should pay special attention to maintenance.

Freckle removal is a long-term care and maintenance process. Skin care products that remove spots at one time are not recommended.

Those skin care products basically contain mercury and ursolic acid, which are harmful to the human body. Even if they were spotted at that time, they would grow back in the future.

  Use TV time every night and apply a little honey to both ends.

Washing off the honey after an hour is enough to make the skin smoother, and it also has a blemish effect.

  If you don’t want to have spots, you have to do a long-term defense battle: don’t drink strong tea; don’t eat foods with heavy pigments such as soy sauce bibimbap; do regular exercise; ensure hydration (8 glasses of water a day), and get enough sleep;Maintain a good attitude.