Fear of cold?

Not all caused by the weather

Fear of cold?
Not all caused by the weather

When the weather is cold, some people are dressed in thin clothes, but their spirits are trembling. Some people even go to the river to swim in winter. Some people are particularly afraid of the cold. As soon as they enter the winter, they wear thick clothes and cover them tightly.

  Chinese medicine believes that: “Yang deficiency and cold outside”, that is, the human body is weak in yang, blood is insufficient, Wei Yang is not solid, can not warm the muscles to resist the attack of foreign cold evil, so they are afraid of cold.

Modern medicine through experimental research shows that the so-called yang deficiency constitution is mainly manifested by its particularly poor tolerance to cold, which is due to lower thyroid hormone levels in the body and insufficient iron content.

  Baird, an American nutritionist, and Lukowski, a professor of medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, conducted an experiment: 120 middle-aged women swim in cold water in swimwear, then 30 women who first felt cold and stopped wearing clothes,Blood analysis was performed with 30 women who finally landed without feeling cold.

It was found that the content of thyroxine in the blood of the non-cold sense group was more than twice as high as that of the cold-resistant group, thus revealing the mystery of yang deficiency constitution that is particularly afraid of cold.

  Thyroxine is a hormone secreted by the thyroid from iodine and tyrosine as the main raw material. It has a thermogenic effect and can accelerate the oxidation process of tissue cells in the human body, thereby increasing it.

Thyroxine can increase the basal metabolic rate of the human body, accelerate the blood circulation of the skin, and thus generate body heat to resist cold, so people who have a lot of thyroxine secretion are not afraid of cold.

  If the body is deficient in iodine for a long period of time, the raw materials for synthesizing thyroxine will be insufficient, and the body’s cold protection ability will be reduced accordingly.

Iodine is mainly supplied by iodine-containing salt and food, so people who are afraid of cold should eat more foods rich in iodine, such as kelp, jellyfish, shrimp skin and sea fish, in addition to ensuring a certain amount of food and accumulated calories.

  Iron is an important raw material for the production of blood and proteins. Blood and proteins are responsible for the metabolic function of oxygen transport in the body.

If iron deficiency is expected, and iron loss from women’s menstruation, they are susceptible to iron deficiency anemia, which causes insufficient nutrients to be oxidized, and it is easy to feel cold due to insufficient heat production.

Therefore, people should usually eat more foods rich in iron, such as animal liver, lamb, dog meat, beef, fish, eggs, black fungus, jujube, dairy products, soy products and green vegetables.