[How to make chocolate buffy cakes]_Homemade chocolate buffy cakes_How to make chocolate buffy cakes_How to make chocolate buffy cakes

[How to make chocolate buffy cakes]_Homemade chocolate buffy cakes_How to make chocolate buffy cakes_How to make chocolate buffy cakes

For many foodies, seeing food is their greatest happiness, so today I will give you a chance to learn with me and try to make this chocolate Buffy cake. I believe that you will eat it yourselfMore delicious!


The 1212 protein is separated from the egg yolk, and the protein-containing bowl should be free of oil and water.

Sift cocoa powder with low-gluten flour 2.

Add 2121 egg yolks with 20 grams of granulated sugar and beat with an egg beater until the color becomes light and fluffy3.

Beat 1 egg white with a whisk, add 30 grams of granulated sugar 4 in three portions.

Add the blending oil three times in 2 minutes and beat evenly with an eggbeater 5.

1 1/3 of the protein into the yolk paste6.

2 Beat the egg white until it is wet and foamy. Lift the egg beater and pull the egg into a curved sharp corner 7.

Use a rubber spatula to stir and mix evenly. (Do not stir in circles) 8.

Pour the mixed egg yolk paste into the protein bowl and continue to mix evenly.

1 Pour the stirred cake paste into a 6-inch round mold, add it to a preheated 166 degree oven, and bake for about 25 to 30 minutes10.

2 Add the sieved powder and mix well to form cake paste 11.

Place egg yolk, milk, and caster sugar in a bowl 12.

After boiling water in the pot, heat it over low heat, put it in a bowl filled with egg yolk, heat it with water and stir continuously, stir until the egg yolk decreases to become thick, it takes about seven or eight minutes.

Be sure to control the heat, be careful not to overheat to make it granular, and check whether the heated egg yolk is thick enough: Use a spatula to lift it up. If you can hang a thick layer on the spatula, it means it is fine.13.

Pour the diced dark chocolate into the egg yolk mixture while hot14.

Stir until the dark chocolate is completely dissolved.

Then sieve cocoa powder and stir until homogeneous.

Cool the mixed egg yolk cocoa paste to room temperature16.

The golden diamond whipped cream is passed with an eggbeater, so that the texture can be clearly maintained17.

Cut the baked cake into two pieces (my two pieces are really a bit thick, but the technology is not good, only two pieces, and the good technology must be made into three pieces, use two pieces) 18.

Put 1/3 of the fresh cream into the cooled egg yolk cocoa paste, and use a spatula to flip up from the bottom and mix well.

After mixing well, pour back into the cream bowl19.

Mix again by flipping from the bottom up.

After mixing thoroughly, the chocolate buffy paste is ready for 20%.

A piece of cake is spread on the bottom 21 of the cake mold.

Then pour half the chocolate buffy paste and smooth out 22.

Place another slice of cake, then pour in the remaining chocolate buffy paste and smooth out 23.

Put the freezer in the refrigerator, freeze overnight, and cut into pieces the next day (after removing the cake even from the freezer, cover it with a hot towel to easily remove the mold) 24.

This cake can be stored in the freezer for a long time, and you must be tired of it.

Now that you have mastered the chocolate buffy cake method, you definitely want to go to the kitchen and do it yourself.

I believe that your different understanding of this dish will definitely cause the most beautiful taste in the world.