2019 mixed base red and black list-Hui’an Fortress performs well, Changsheng strategy loses 10%

2019 mixed base red and black list: Hui’an Fortress performs well, Changsheng strategy loses 10%

Original title: The 2019 mixed base red and black list: Hui’an Fortress has performed well for three consecutive years, and Changsheng’s strategic emerging industries have yielded -10%. Reporter Huang Huiling’s market shocks in 2019 are upward, and the funds’ coexistence.

From -10% to 122%, the closing income of equity-type hybrid funds differed by 132% last year.

  Interface news Comprehensive returns, rate of change, timing and stock selection and other dimensions to evaluate active equity funds, at the same time further screening of listed funds, excluding the total asset size of less than 50 million, and the establishment time does not exceed 1 monthFunds, and exclude non-investment income reasons for net value growth, and organize the annual red and black list.

Through long-term tracking of these funds, we try to find funds with relatively high returns, relatively low risks, and excellent long-term performance.

At the same time, potential risks and problems in some products were discovered to help investors “protect from lightning.”

  A total of 2586 mixed funds of annual statistics, the average return of 34%, of which partial equity funds of 45%, balanced funds of 28%, flexible allocation of 30%.

  The following are the 10 funds with the highest comprehensive focus: GF Innovation Upgrade (002939), GF Shuangqing Upgrade (005911), and GF Small Cap Growth (162703) that Liu Gezhen belongs to.

Among them, Guangfa’s innovation and upgrade is much higher than Shuangqing’s upgrade due to timing factors, so the overall competition is higher.

  In addition, there are Hui’an Fengze A (003889), Bo Shi Healthcare Industry A (050026), Bank of Communications Data Industry (519773), Guangfa Jurui (270021), and Rongtong Health Industry (000727).(050022).

  A good fund should be flexible when it rises, and control risks when it decreases.

Looking at the performance of the fund in 2018, the performance of the Bank of China in the past two years is consistent with the Bank of Communications data industry, Boshi Healthcare, Forex, and Rongtong health industry, which will all control the decline in 2018 to less than 20%.

  One of the most worth mentioning is Hui’an Fortress.

This fund was established in January 2017, and the manager Dai Jie is the fund manager of the company’s index and quantitative investment department.

The annual fund net value increased by 47% in 2017, and the fund’s annual report stated that “we have more consideration of fundamental indicators in the choice of stock market targets, and gradually obtain the king’s investment philosophy, and treat alternative speculation with caution.

“In this line of thinking, in 2018, the fund only fell by 11%.

In 2019, it has jumped another 90%.

  In three quarterly reports last year, the fund expressed its views on the market.

“Quality consumer and pharmaceutical companies are not significantly overvalued in our opinion, but we cannot deny that they are already crowded.

In the context of the promotion of 5G, the fundamentals of the TMT industry will pick up, but after the smartphone market has entered the era of stock, it will be difficult to see the systematic and sustainable sector opportunities of the previous few years.With many breakthroughs and structural characteristics, only a few high-quality companies can come out.

The Fund 北京夜生活网 will adhere to the core consumption, medicine, and underestimated financial allocation.

“Let’s take a look at the 10 funds with the lowest comprehensive drama: as the most free and unconstrained variety, magical events often occur in flexible allocation funds.

For example, wind data shows that Changsheng’s strategic emerging industry C, which has the bottom performance, shares its fate in 2019.

The fund was established in 2015, and C had no funds to enter for a long period of time, and its net value did not fluctuate.

During the first quarter of this year, funds began to enter, the purchase amount was about 10 yuan, and the net value began to rotate.

Unexpectedly, it fell to 6 months from April, and a large proportion of redemptions subsequently caused the fund’s net worth to soar by 20% in a single day.

If not 杭州夜生活网 soaring returns, the fund’s return this year is -10%.

Data at the end of the third quarter showed that 200 million pounds of institutional funds entered into it.

  Funds that are mainly based on new investment, such as Hua’an Xintaili C (003800) and Wells Fargo New Trend C (005518), are also disturbed by the influence of capital inflows.

  Some funds missed the bull market with their strength: Xinhua Hengyi Quantitative (004576) increased by 2 last year.

47%, fund manager Zhang Yongchao said in the third quarterly report, “The market rise is mainly reflected in the first quarter. The market grew faster in the first quarter, but because the opening position was light, it underperformed the market during the growth.

“Looking back at 2019, some funds, despite their poor performance, like to attribute the rise to their strength and the decline to the market.

Minsheng Jiayin Select (690003) The market rose sharply in the first quarter, the fund rose 16%, and did not outperform the benchmark (+ 22%), but the quarterly report saw the fund read its “presense”: “Judge the market at the end of 2018After more than a year of unilateral decline, there have been better investment opportunities.

“The fund fell 17% in the second quarter, seriously underperforming the benchmark (-0.


The Fund pointed its main responsibility to “the background of increased trade relations frictions and a slight tightening of domestic policies.”