9 lies a woman must say

9 lies a woman must say

One of women’s lies: I will not make any changes to you. We all hope that the man he loves has a muscular body like Schwarzenegger, a handsome face like Gu Tianle, and a grace like Zhou Runfa.But, speaking out, it must make him sad and sorrowful, and humiliate.

  Tell him that you like his furry beer belly because it makes you feel spring-like warm in winter.

Tell him that you like to hear him snore like a grizzly at night, so that you feel safe.

One day if he goes on a business trip and you can’t hear his snoring at night, you will be insomnia like a general living in a long battlefield because he can’t hear the sound of guns.

  If you love him, tell him that you admire everything about him, and his shortcomings are his characteristics.

You love him. He doesn’t have to change in order to marry you.

  A woman must lie two: I like your friends, his fox friends and dog friends who drink heavily, chew meat aloud, but have no success in their careers, but still talk about them.

You don’t look good to these stink men, but they are important to him.

Even if there are occasionally good people in them, you don’t want to have a light bulb to light up your intimate look with your boyfriend.

then what should we do?

Say you don’t like them?

He will think that you are picky, that you don’t give him face, that you don’t agree with his friendship and kindness.

So, no matter how upset you are in your heart, don’t say it, it will hurt his face and hurt his feelings.

So if you have to have a supper with those stinky men, learn to like them, or at least pretend to like them.

Then, slowly use your schedule to nibble his time, and quietly reduce the “friendly visits” between him and Hupeng and dog friends.

If one day he suddenly finds out why he hasn’t partyed for a long time, you can also laugh and say: Yes, I really miss them.

  Women must lie three: I am willing to help you clean up the endgame. The biggest feature of men is laziness, and the biggest feature of men’s houses is chaos.

Looking at ancient Chinese legends, men always want a little fairy to come down from the sky and clean the house and cook for them.

Therefore, to a man who is just starting to build a relationship, he must show your thoughtfulness and make a very thoughtful look and say, “Let me help you pack things.”

“Then he happily helped him clean the messy tableware and made the look of the housework he loved very much.

Such men tend to have family warmth and miss you more when you are away.

Of course, such a good time does not need to last long. When his house is renewed, after he starts to rely on you, you can slowly train him to do manual work.

First urged him to wash his stinky socks after exercise, and solemnly told him, “Don’t throw things like a child.

  A woman must lie No. 4: I love your family If you are a very lucky woman, you may see a loving look when you visit his parents at the door.

But generally speaking, when you step into his house tremblingly, you will first see the hostility in his mother’s eyes, as if you are the love rival who came to your door, and your rude boyfriend will know nothing about it.

He also feels stupid that you love him and his mother loves him, so you and his mother can love each other.

Don’t think you can explain this esoteric problem to him.

If he asks, you tell him sincerely that you like to spend time with his family.

If you say you don’t like it, it is likely to hurt his feelings.

A woman who has many years of experience as a wife-in-law concludes that to be kind to his family, of course, in terms of action: see less and give more gifts.

Tell him that you love the people in his family, don’t avoid conflicts between your family, and lock in the time to meet on your birthday or holiday.

  Women must lie No. 5: I love sports men’s enthusiasm for sports we can never understand.

He always watched the TV game all the time, and grabbed “Football News” and “New Sports” as soon as he went to bed.

He watched the Serie A (football league) to watch the Bundesliga match, watched the German (national) match to watch the Western (Banja) match, then entered the NBA round-robin to watch Jordan watch Yao Ming.

  If you tell him that you also like sports, and sit down and watch football with him, you can quickly enter his world.

If one day you can’t stand the way he reads football magazines every day but can’t see you, you can say to him: “I love sports, and I especially like to play sports with you.

  Then you take his hand to jog in the park, drag him to the rivers and lakes to swim, and watch the sunset by the way.

If he dares not to comply, you will be pointed out and point out that he is a fake sports fan who just can’t talk, and the man’s face can’t stand up, and he will rely on you.  Women must lie No. 6: You are right. Your boyfriend is outstanding, but there is always a sense of domineering.

Prominent performance always likes to get started when talking to you about heaven and earth, and you must make a difference. Of course, if you do better, he will definitely not shut up.

He will suddenly increase the volume on the road. In order to compete with you in the role of a certain character in the movie, you are unwilling to talk with him on some harmless issues.

At this moment, it is relatively unwise to raise the volume and his tit-for-tat is relatively unwise. You need to give the man a little face and coax him. “You are right, it makes sense.

“The temporary concession is just for better access in the future, and one day you will convince him to lose.

Wise Cloud: Man is the head, woman is the neck, and the neck will determine the direction of head rotation.

Men always think that they know everything and control everything, but it is women who really have actual control, and women can always manipulate the length calmly.

So don’t bother with him.

  A woman must lie No. 7: I don’t mind seeing other women. When the man’s eyes are staring at the red-haired girl in the supermarket, you get angry from your heart and become guilty.

Although you don’t have the color of a sinking fish and wild geese, and the beauty of closing the moon, you hope that your boyfriend’s eyes are always waiting for you honestly, from one to the other.

Once your boyfriend ‘s eyes are “smuggled”, you want to use flying palms across the mountains to fight off potential love rivals, or use star-sucking Dafa to firmly control your boyfriend ‘s sight within N square centimeters.

There is no need to turn his face in public to embarrass him. The best way is to say an insincere lie: “I don’t mind seeing other women, and find another opportunity to imply that he” does not want to others.

If he still doesn’t seem to understand, then you will create an exaggerated wait-and-see attitude when you are with him, scanning past handsome guys around the clock.

He converges when he feels a little jealous.

  Women must lie No. 8: I don’t mind how much money you have now. There are a lot of young people who are willing to go to the world. Men with a lot of waists, but your boyfriend is now just a shy worker.

You fall in love with him not because of his passbook or because of himself.

Because he is healthy, hard-working, humorous, caring and faithful.

You choose him because you think he is a potential stock, he will get rich, and he will let your second half live a win-win life of material civilization and spiritual civilization.

Yes, this is your wishful thinking.

But at this stage, he really did not give you the ability to buy a house or a car, which led him to apologize to you from time to time, repeating his inability to make you suffer.

At this moment, you have to make up a beautiful lie anyway: “I don’t really care how much money you have.

  Women must lie No. 9: Dear do n’t worry, everyone will encounter this kind of place. Men will encounter erectile dysfunction in their lifetime. He was hot and sexually full of flutter, but the result was nothing.occur.

You are a little disappointed, and he is unwell.

A smart and thoughtful woman would say “Dear don’t worry, this kind of thing everyone will encounter.

“Maybe you still need to say to him,” Size doesn’t matter. “” You’re the best I have ever encountered. ”

No matter how he is, you love him and choose to be with him, you should encourage him and comfort him.

Come on for his next time.