Computer MM eyes edema overnight improvement method


Computer MM eyes edema overnight improvement method

For the MMs who often work for the computer, the eyes will easily become tired and puffy, so in order to restore the brightness of your eyes, you can massage the eyes before going to bed, and make a beautiful one the next morning.Makeup changes your image overnight.

  Massage and maintenance: Insert your eyebrows with your thumb and forefinger, and then massage 5 to 6 times from the brow to the end of the eyebrow.

  Use your fingertips to massage your nose from the wing to the bridge of the nose, and then back and forth from the brow to the end of the brow 5 or 6 times.

  Massage the small belly with four fingers other than the thumb 5 to 6 times in the eye socket, which is good for blood circulation and relaxation.

  Use both fingers to poke up both sides of the head in the direction of the arrow, and feel a little pain.

Do the same 5 to 6 times back and forth to help prevent wrinkles.

  In the morning makeup, apply a pink eye shadow that is almost white to the entire eye socket.

  Then apply it again with fuchsia eyeshadow to achieve a double-layer effect. A thin layer of pink highlights the texture, while fuchsia makes the eyes attractive and energetic.

  Draw an eyeliner to highlight the depth of the eyes, taking care to draw a little thicker.

  Select high-quality natural eyelashes and apply them in the order shown in the photo.

  Apply a bit of fuchsia eyeshadow to the edge of the lower lashes.

  Finally, use a mascara brush to brush the eyelashes. When applying the eyelashes, pay attention to the middle eyelashes to brush more, so that they attach to something.