to find out, first check out the stomach Wu Zhonghua specific time is when!”

  ”Crashed -”
  The hour hand pointing to the upcoming twelve, Wu family villa in the kitchen, Tim Wu was wearing an apron washing pumpkin vegetables pool, this volume only the palm of pumpkin chestnu苏州桑拿网t pumpkin, Ruannuo sweet, taste very good.warm colorMarble tone with hands crossing lights at respective metal stage, in which all the people Wu Tian exudes faint light looks very gentle.
  After she came back from the hospital to take a bath first, then narrowed in bed about an hour, then get up and apply the mask sheets to the kitchen to prepare the pumpkin porridge pot on first.
  Early tomorrow to go to the hospital to see the Wu Zhonghua, a good pot of porridge must advance, to eat up good taste.
  She expertly pumpkin skin removed and cut into small pieces, a step by step according to the collated last wear cooker considered good timing done.
  She clapped her hands, pinched waist about events before and after one week, it is almost time coming twelve, peeled off her face mask ready to wash my face for a while and went 杭州夜网论坛to bed.
  ”Jingle Bell- ”
  At this point, the room came the phone ringing phone in bed, eyes closed, his face being shot Ng Tian water, heard and quickly pulled out a soft cotton paper clean finger, ran back to pick up the phone to see on the small bedside.
  Is an unfamiliar city number.Who so late to call her, is not it wrong?
  She hesitated to connect the call, the other end of the phone came the slight sound of current and people breathing in the night a bit empty.
  ”Tian Tian, I’m a dad.”
  ”dad?”Wu Tian surprised.”Who is this phone ah?what happened to you?”
  Wu Zhonghua phone a microphone close to the sound of light breath, echo around I do not know what or footsteps, while tension suddenly surrounded by Wu Tian, she nervously asked: “Where is it now your dad?”
  ”Tian Tian, Daddy, Daddy will not you.”Wu 广州桑拿网Zhonghua suddenly vocal sobbing, which look to be the Wu Tian bombing ignorant, did not react how, over the phone and heard a thunder.
  ”Tian Tian ah, my fat

eng, Ye Xinyu thoughts turn up.

  In her distracted moment, Libang Hua Ye Xinyu has arm around the back seat, leaving in place did not go dancing man and a woman with a smile flattery: “Three little jump and Miss Ye nice, the overall best!”
  Libang Hua complacency: “Hope is a good jade.”
  Ye Xinyu smiled, not good to say, then leave this disappointing, but on pins and杭州桑拿 needles, racking their brains to think of a suitable excuse to leave early.
  This world can do, the more do not want to happen, the more prone.
  Because the unexpected discovery Ye Xinyu also present, in addition to others A fishing more or less a bit uncomfortable, curious side of the conflict between sister leaves home, but no one annoying to inquisitive; the other side is a strange and Ye Xinyu men intimacy scared to, but they are aware of Ye Xinyu married.
  A rise of selected fish drink, look around look wonderful little friends, laughing: “You do this, it might as well leave.”
  Confirmed that she was really calm and not pretending calm, Shao Yang once again admire her this quality of mind, took over the incumbent: “I want a glass of beer.”
  ”What underage drinking beer, a glass of watermelon juice.”The only people over the age of eighteen Qin triumph laugh.
  ”You do not talk to no one when you are dumb.”Shao Yang kicked in the past.
  Qin 杭州夜网论坛Triumph of the outrage committed by hate a meal together.
  Qi beads overjoyed: “Yes Oh, Shao Yang is our smallest.”
  To his height very satisfied Shao Yang is not happy: “we were going out, who would you feel older than me, blame me skip a grade slightly!”
  Qi bead holding arm A giggling fishing.
  Zhou took the opportunity to Tucao involved: “He jump-hop cool, bad luck is that we, Memories of father and mother to death.”
  A fish says to him: “That is not a c


  But she had never seen the aurora of it, she not only never seen the aurora, she has not personally seen the desert, not fished at sea, not seen penguins in the Arctic.
  She has not done a lot of things are now ready to put money before but want to do all realize, after all, nothing, and time is money.
  Even if they have to go abroad to do about the form苏州桑拿alities, she was ready to play from the most simple to do, if she did not remember correctly, the city has a wildlife park, it is better to go to the zoo around good.
  So when Lin Yao came back at night, Han Lin and Lin Yao said. “It’s over to you tomorrow yet?We went to the zoo.”
  Lin Yao “?”
  Yao Lin took off his coat just froze for a moment, he is not got it wrong, Lin Han is not to go shopping, but going to the zoo?
  Really did not see Lin Han’s Qiaowan Yao to give up, she flew straight back, back in her day, not excited Cheyenne River.
  Although she only Qiaowan Yao such a friend, but for now, she felt Qiaowan Yao is still the best understanding of her, almost more than He Zi Yun, He Zi Yun though was her best friend.
  However, because the other side has failed the interview, also could not find anything to do a good job, nothing good around Peach.
  No matter what she was talking about, all seemed the same and He Zi Yun show off.
  At first she did not find, but she felt the number of times by myself Chu Zheng much later, He Zi Yun like listening to impatient.
  Qiaowan Yao appeared to just fill the vacancy, Qiaowan Yao family have been v深圳桑拿网ery rich, so she will not feel the Cheyenne River to show off, no matter what the Cheyenne River, said she is very patiently listening.
  She also over and over again and Chu Zheng explained Qiaowan Yao was not intentional, but Qiaowan Yao and Lin Han, it will not matter.
  She said and listen to Han’s Friendship Forest, this unequal relationship Qiaowan Yao, but also because of misunderstanding and Qiaowan Yao Dear John, this one really is Lin Han people do not feel like it.


g should goods mall, suddenly let them return to the original life.You can not do ah!

  Also, a new era of service associated with the group that is determined not to notice it funny?
  That must buy 深圳桑拿网more expensive things, it is worth looking specifically went to Imperial sale?Round-trip plane ticket to reimburse you do?
  New Era Group says it will do, the capital quickly to the rope, employees overseas branches are also cut in batches, less than a week’s time, New Era Group withdrew from many countries, accordingly, those same new era Group companies also maintain the business dealings are deeply affected,深圳桑拿网 forced to interrupt business.
  New Era Group is not to provocations, so the new age group do not need to pay heavy penalty will be a peaceful surrender.
  Zheng Weidong busy no time to sulk, he did not actively contact those countries ‘ventilation’ in an attempt by the market to digest those countries hoarding goods out quickly, and at the same time, many domestic production lines are beginning to reduce production capacity.
  A huge enterprise, suddenly faced with this storm level of pressure, it is impossible to not be affected, the domestic economy has been showing a brief recession and downturn, but fortunately, the impact is not great.
  The counter-attack made by New Era Group, has just begun.
  Funded by the new era of high-tech Research Institute have undertaken many research projects are also suspended down, a lot 南宁夜网of equipment maintenance stops, there are original researchers in many countries are applying for a new era of opening up the Group of research funds, it is now the new age group research funds only for their own researchers open a high-tech Research Institute laboratory equipment no longer face a lot of open abroad, by appointment only domest

is important doomed Separated thousands of miles of distance, so that, today, then I did not hear it right when, just two kids like you, is sincere, I hope you do after busy working capital can look back, not too let white looking forward to two children.”Sumi Dragon engine so, said a few words the truth.

  ”Susu, I prefer you call my name, do you like to eat rice, I like to stay with you a feeling of Chengzhi and blossoming I also like, you willing to give me some time, I am willing to prove to you that everything you do not need to worry, I’ll be wiped away all obstacles for you, as long as you are a willing.”

  ☆, one hundred and fifty second chapter: c杭州桑拿arefully consider

  Long Qing looked at Sumi’s eyes filled with affection, he was about to return to the capital, Murong Sheng Sumi for the coveted he is not invisible, but now Sumi has not been found in a number of people pearl dust, wipe the dust once, comes out of light must be amazing if we do not forget to show this stupid Susu’s heart is probably going to be robbed.
  ”Long son, the child still here do not say, OK?”Sumi was his straightforward completely scared, terribly upset for a time did not know how to respond fishes, turned his head and saw the two children Sidongfeidong watching them, at once flushed to shame , with a sort of angry dragon said engine.
  It should have been very imposing sentence, but a bit less abruptly strength in it, sounds a bit like a spoiled.
  ”If you are willing to call me a dragon engine, then I’l杭州夜网论坛l give you time to think, to say nothing today, but if if you do not call it that, to mention just kids in here, even if people have the whole town come, I still say.”Long Qing see Sumi affronted look very cute, but also know that this time an answer soon, it is a bit difficult Sumi, so just want to account for a little cheaper no problem, say after something else capacity.
  ”you!Anyhow, you are also a…Royal H广州桑拿网ighness, how so the saliva piray face no bottom line up!I’m not afraid of you got out, let the world people laugh at you!”Sumi like this for long engine really is some frustration,

No amount of gas also the consumption of the bar,都市兔兔体验网 and I talk calmly, as you do not?”

  Du Granny put down the broom, “You know I said that day that angry words?Who told you I was talking about the angry words?I am telling the truth!”
  ”I talk to you?We have nothing to talk about!”
  ”I am now and you put your cards to understand that divorce is definitely not angry words, truth!You get my daughter that her mother’s face to scratch to spend, I would dare to her?You look at me, like a long face you take things too hard?So many days of no news, not because we are multi-family thing, he did not empty?”
  ”Plus you girl so cross, before clamored what killed will not divorce, we dare not really put people to death ah, Sharenchangming, now is the rule of law!This does not, let’s chant dragging, drag the twelfth lunar month, to go directly to court to sue for divorce.”
  Li Laotai: “???”This time she can thoroughly be alarmed.
  Du Granny broom standing next to the foot of the wall, wi北京夜网th Laotai said, “we 打开天窗说亮话, your home girl, we are absolutely impossible to the Du.If you can readily point, let your daughter go to the party with vibration led to a divorce certificate, and if you do not straightforward, Nazan left divorce court, a dime no room for negotiation.”
  In this matter, Du Granny’s surprisingly tough stance.
  Li Laotai not willing to ask, “relatives, let’s sit down and be careful not to discuss to discuss it?Wanderers are so big, and if trouble divorce, that it does not recruit people joke?”
  ”Wanderers so much?It seems to me, my family Zhen party still young yet!This early thirties, was gossips scratch his face with blood, another decade or two, and your daughter is not necessary to give my son strangled?”Du Granny picked up a broom to sweep away the force, the

uds to see him, eyes of hate is concealing.She had always liked the book is tired Gu.Can not know why, Shen Ye appeared, her eyes are drawn completely, even now he did not even attend the soil at the foot of the books are not as tired, she still loves him.

  Yet no matter how much your love him, his eyes still only a quarter of Zhou Zhou, while only deceive themselves, and now it is to let Zhou Zhou Ji Gu tired and books against each other, at the expense of her fall.
  ”Well, do not look, you do not want to arouse his suspicions it?”Zhangya Juan remind yo.
  Shen Ye paused, and immediately recovered eyes.Zhangya Juan mocking smile, eyes flashed undisguised bitterness.
  Heart continues uncomfortable She广州桑拿网n Ye did not see her abnormal, just cold voice reminded: “After lunch a little later is the meeting time to time I’ll have to feed him on the water, you go to the next lounge waiting for, this must be successful, otherwise you Jiangzai no room to turn around, you know.?”
  ”Rest assured, I will not fail.”Zhangya Juan 北京体验网quietly grabbed the palm of the hand.
  Shen wild sweep at her did not speak, do not consciously ask on his chest, to ease the pain of this inexplicable.
  The end of a meal, Zhou Zhou Ji Gu tired led back to the book has been prepared room, two people sitting together watching TV for a while, have a ride chatting wedding things need to be prepared not a tie, getting sleepy on start on top.
  ”Get some sleep, the afternoon session was estimated that at least thirty-four hours.”Gu Lu tired tired Bibliography.
  Zhou Zhou Ji yawned, eyes shining little tears, tired Gu see funny book, took her to bed with.Ji Zhou Zhou heavy meal, a moment of consciousness began to dip bed lax, dim heard tired Gu asked her book in the room of her own, not mingled together with other people brought with her hum humming should be a cry.
  Gu tired to see he北京风月网r book is really sleepy, she did not bother to adjust a more comfortable position, soon sleep in the past.
  Although it is noon, but

ed.”Zhao Cong added, smiling.

  A fishing surprised a moment,苏州桑拿网 he looked on suspiciously, thanks a lot.
  Zhao Cong with a smile: “But I Daqin fengle County main national treasure, your wicked this and other harm, which should be severely punished.”
  This ass shot, Rao has been shot is very thick, very thick skinned Arab and fishing are a bit embarrassed.This can be when people on Prince, is not the same, she touched the face of the unconscious, touch finished remembered his hand just touched the mud.
  Yeah cry, A fishing backhand to rub, feeling glad stretched over a navy blue cotton handkerchief, almost touched her face.
  A fishing tilted back to the body, calmly smoked his facial veil.
  Zhao Cong smiled, eyes looking at the Arab fishing, hand back slowly.
  A fishing look magnanimous, without a trace of awkward, as if nothing had happened.
  Zhao Cong Wen channel: “handkerchief wipe clean, wash with water.”
  There has been holding a water balloon approached the guards clever, A fish wet facial vei广州桑拿l.
  Zhao Cong politely look away, you do not have to stare.To her clean face, he was back to look, catch a glimpse of her toes outward, which is going to leave posture.
  Hook the hook mouth, Zhao Cong Wen channel: “You ask the address, but they want to go, in my opinion is not quite anxious at this time.”
  That should not stay here, we are pondering the reasons to leave the A lift eye looking over fishing.
  Zhao Cong said: “one female compatriots, brothers and sisters, life circumstances bad days to do, but also indirectly implicated, may not be able to keep calm.”
  A fishing thoughtfully, past lives, but aid Zhou Xiao Ya Jun siblings on the money, and did not come close to the Zhou siblings.In this life do not know how to think Jun Xiao Ya, they actually want to recei

an hour, and finally decided to not going to the hospital when finally was stopped.

  A large ball of paper is no longer saturated, and only write bloodshot eyes, nose and no sense of flow, and Tim Wu this nosebleed flow almost collapsed, from morning until now nothing to eat, thanks to the now top the meal last night the moment she fell on the bed dazed, as if the next second going to heaven.
  To the life of.Not just in the cafe stayed up half the night, as to do such a big reaction!
  Ng Tian paralyzed in bed, not even the strength to speak, to work out fresh from the hand of a small cell phone under the pil天津夜网low, first daily to the mother sent a message snapshots, then turn to another number in the phone book hesitated a long time.
  Jiang was the number she know, the first time after the deposit to get the phone, notes, “baby”.This one.Mainly to cope with their parents, a baby girl look that is.
  She had thought liaison, but now figure out the child in the end what state of mind.I will not dare to disturb.
  Ng Tian finally heaved a sigh of relief away cell phones did not do anything, in fact, things are now, really without telling than when she was feeling relaxed a lot.Xiao Yi is a good boy, though angry, but still demeanor expressed concern for girls.
  Bed dorm mates out to dinner to discuss, Wu Tien really no effort not want to move, roommates knew that she lost a lot of nosebleed not force today, concern and asked: “is hard also by?Yo苏州桑拿网ur little band of red bean porridge bar?”
  ”Thank you, so much better!QAQ ”
  Eleven last day of the holiday, so in the sickly state passed.The school that day, Wu Tian students woke up to find their own voice hoarse head Shen, who has not strength than yesterday, I can say there is a sense of heat, the familiar signs that she had a cold glorious.
  This is just the school day Monday.After the general s淡水桑拿chool holidays should engage in a flag-raising ceremony, 404 one bedroom dorm mates get up bleary-eyed, Wu Tian clinical Shop roommate saw her face flushing, cough or two from time to time, rubbing his eyes and asked: ” you caught

y motioned him out, obviously not going to care about him.Waiter relieved, busy carrying water bottles away.

  Shen Ye looked at the back waiter in a hurry to leave, look at yourself in front of this drink half a cup of water, his face suddenly hard look.He’s about to stand up bass, black face and walked toward the door.
  Shen Ye action is not small conference room as he left a quiet moment, a fairly young voice disdain laugh loudly: “Mr. Shen is increasingly running out of patience recently.”
  If before Shen wild heady time, they may also polite to him a bit, but now he has been tired Gu suppress the book was no longer turn over the power, and now everyone in the room can easily run over him, naturally no long深圳桑拿网er as polite as before.
  Then a young, others also followed echoed, but these people want to get some more touches.Before Shen wild with Gu against, was made when the turmoil Gu, only two pairs of leaves Gu Chu lent a helping hand, now Shen Ye defeated, they were afraid Gu tired of books they have resentment, so would like to take this opportunity to ease the relationship.
  Gu tired books bother to care that they curved round after round, as he too lazy to Shen Ye insult to injury, but Shen Ye left too suddenly, nothing seemed to happen, like, let his heart kind of speechless strange feeling.
  ”He’s gone does not affect anything, we continue to meet it?You say Mr. Gu?”A considerable senior year to ask good attitude.
  Gu book tired sweep at him, nodded his head 无可无不可.
  Conference room, continue to open their annual business meetings,杭州龙凤桑拿 to go out and Shen Ye is to the bathroom, in the bathroom could not induce vomiting, but even spit out a lot of acidic water, or gradually heat the body.His eyes red again, any how he wanted to, did not expect or planned to the last step was overcast.
  His heart almost uncontrollable anger, anger is not the s深圳桑拿ource of their own was drugged, but such a good book and break up tired Gu Zhou Zhou opportunity, because the stupid woman is